Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things I learned from Jack

How to walk on stilts (well, to be honest, he tried to get me on the stilts, but I never got up the courage)

If you want it, build it. (Code? What code?)

Being an artist is not about how many museums you are in, or how fashionable you are, or what the reviews say. Being an artist is about getting up every day and making art.

Workshop food won't kill you.

Never throw anything away.  (That one might have come from Lynn)

Jill went to Harvard.

Where to send my kids to grade school.

War stories.

Some people are just born with a beautiful soul.

To do with your life what you want to do.

To pass the gift along.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The neat nest

I'm neat.

As in, I put things away.

It wasn't always so. In grade school they used to call me Templeton, after the pack rat in Charlotte's Web. My mother was the inventor of the rule "there must be a clear path to the door in case of fire" which I passed on to my children. When I would drop stuff willy-nilly wherever I happened to be standing, I'd tell her I was leaving little reminders of myself. To which she replied, "you're just afraid we'll forget you if you don't leave your crap all over."

Ah, the wisdom of mothers.

Mom was not too far off-- now that I have no one I need to remind of my existence I find things go where they belong as soon as I'm done with them. It's effortless, really. Cleaning becomes actually cleaning, not just putting stuff away.